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Thread: Oh dear...

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    Oh dear...

    Hello, I am new here as I just acquired a 'tiel today. My question really pertains to this: my friend's mom knows I love animals and am a big softie and she needed someone to foist a young 'tiel off on. I was today's target. I know how to care for the bird as we had one when I was a child, however, I have entirely too many animals as it is. I have several fish tanks, two rescued guinea pigs, a cat, and a kitten. And I recently moved back into my parents' home to help my father take care of my mother who is having health problems. While my mom ok'd the bird, my father will have fits. He does not want any more animals in the house.

    Does anyone know of a place where I can post for "free to a good home"? I should not have accepted the bird, but who knows where and with what kind of owner would the bird have wound up with if I had said no. I have always tried to be a responsible pet owner in the maintanence and care of every animal in my posession but realize I made a terrible mistake today. I would like to find a good home for this lost little nestling if I can and rectify my mistake.

    Can anyone help me?

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    Re: Oh dear...

    first off, i would not post such an ad. they atrract people who are not necessarily the best parents to a parrot.

    if you want it to go to a good home, i would surrender it to a bird rescue, who will screen adoptive parents.

    in pennsylvania, here are the contacts:

    good luck.

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