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Thread: [Breeding] My Tiel Won't Stop Laying Eggs!

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    [Breeding] My Tiel Won't Stop Laying Eggs!

    The reply to this post is relevant to people with either a single female or a pair, so it can help more people.

    We have a 2 yr old female who is by herself and keeps laying unfertilized eggs! I can't get her to stop doing this! many times I have allowed her to lay her clutch (about 6) and then will allow her to Play house for a couple of weeks (this is after she has been laying for a couple of weeks in order to get to 6) so this is a working project for a month! and then I take them from her and then she is back to her normal self. I have heard that it's not good for them to keep laying. Do you think she is driving herself crazy trying to have babies???? while she is nesting she holds her poop and has VERY large droppings which I know is normal, but sometimes she starts flapping around her cage (large California cage) and poop gets all over our house walls and running down her cage, all over the floor, what a mess! I have small children and I know this could be a health issue. I'm beginning to wonder if she would be happier if I would find her a new home where she could be a breeding bird (only to someone who would ALSO give her individual attention) I would never give her to a breeding mill!
    She has always been the only bird in her cage. I really need some help! anyone who could give me advice, I would be very grateful!

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    Re: she won't stop laying eggs!

    are you sure she's TOTALY abaondoned the eggs before you remove them? how long before she starts laying again? you're doing totaly the right thing, (leaving the eggs with her!) so don't panic too much.
    i'm going to reply to this to and try to cover everyone with a female that lays. either paired or not, just to help others! so some of this you are already doing, and some aren't relevent. i apoligize for that!

    there’s several things you can do:

    1. DO NOT REMOVE THE EGGS! (see number 4 below)
    2. If you have her housed with another cockatiel, separate them. They won’t like it, but they’ll live. Reason: having a mate with her (whether male or female, they see the other one as a mate) will be more likely to stimulate her to lay eggs.
    3. If the second cockatiel is female, or the female is by herself, ignore this (the eggs will be infertile already), but if you have a male with her, or you aren’t 110% sure she hasn’t had access to a male: boil the eggs! Reason: the eggs will then defiantly not hatch. When in doubt, boil them to be sure. Breeding is a massive thing, not to just jump into when you pair lays eggs! If you want to breed, just boil this lot and read more information in other categories to breed with the next clutch. Method: remove only one egg at a time. (She’ll be less likely to ‘miss’ it than if you took all the eggs at once). Boil it. Cool it. (Maybe by placing in cool water). Mark it with a pen or pencil (reason: you know which eggs have been boiled and which haven’t) and put back. The do the same for all the others until they’re all boiled. And do the same if she lays any more.
    4. Let her sit on them as long as she wants!!! This is really important! If you removed them before she had abandoned them, she’d feel compelled to replace them and lay more eggs. And continual laying of eggs is very bad for a hens health! She will abandon them when they don’t hatch (after about a month) but do make sure she has totally abandoned them before removing them!
    5. are you providing a nest box? if so, take it away. she can lay on the ground if she's so desperate (it's not good to BREED without a nest box, but simply laying on the ground isn't bad for her and the lack of a nest box will help)
    here are some tips to try to stop the compulsive layer:
    6. Do you cover her cage at night? If you don’t, start doing it. If you do, start keeping it covered longer. Leave it longer in the morning, and cover earlier at night. To the point where she’s covered about 14 hours in 24. Reason: it gives her longer nights and shorter days, like in wintertime, so it’ll help set her body clock to ‘winter mode’ and hopefully not ‘breeding mode’!
    7. Is she tame? And enjoy head scritches? If so, try to limit them. Reason: during courtship, the male will preen the female’s head and back, and so when you give her scritches, it is helping to stimulate her into breeding mode!
    8. Give her only the amount of food that she normally eats in a day. (you’ll likely have to experiment to find out how much she eats, make sure she DOES have enough and isn’t going hungry!) Reason: when there is excess food, it helps set her body into thinking it’s spring, and so therefore breeding time, with food a plenty to feed chicks. Limiting food to what she will eat and no more (well, a little more isn’t gonna do anything! But not excessively more) will help put her into ‘wintertime mode’

    well, i sure hope i've helped! i'm going to make this a FAQ at the top of this forum, as MANY people ask about females laying all the time! thank you for bringing this up again, and the best of luck. tell us how you get on? it'd be great to have a success story to prove it!!!! LOL!
    good luck!


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    Unhappy Re: [Breeding] My Tiel Won't Stop Laying Eggs!

    It's been awhile since I posted, but I wanted to let you all know what's going on. This is actually a post that could fit into a couple of different threads, but this one seemed the best, since this stems from her chronic egg laying. Well, a week ago today my husband called me at work to let me know that Mimi, my female tiel wasn't doing well. Something was wrong. She was very disoriented and couldn't keep her head still. When I got home and saw her, the first thing I thought was that she reminded me of someone with Parkinson's. She could not hold her head still. However, she greeted me when I came home. In just the past month she had become very loving.. enjoying being held and talked to. I called the University of Tennessee Exotic Clinic and talked to one of the vets. She said that since Mimi was still eating and going to the bathroom to watch her over night and call the next day. Her thinking was that she had depleted her calcium because she had gone into chronic egg laying mode. Other than her disorientation, Mimi was no different, she irritated Noah and chirped to be held. I got her an appointment for Friday morning and took her in. They kept her thinking again it was calcium or an infection. I got a call on Saturday they decided that she'd had a stroke. Sometime during her egg laying binge, she'd torn a fissure in her cavity and gotten either part of the forming egg or air in her blood stream. They treated her with steroids and Sunday she got better. Was singing, eating, pooping.. and was looking better. By Monday she had deteriorated again, having lost 10% of her BW. She was 100g Sunday morning.. Monday afternoon, she was 90g and no longer eating. The Vet said it could take a month or more of treatment and they still think she would have never gotten rid of the head tremor she'd developed. The Vet's advice was to put her down. So we did. It killed me to make that decision, but how could I ask her to be cage bound for the rest of her life? Never being able to play on the floor with the kids, never being able to sit in my hair and preen me? The only time she was sturdy was when she was holding on to something.. and staying on just our finger wasn't good enough for her.. she had to be right next to your face to kiss and headbutt you. Ugh! So.. if your Tiel starts laying out of control.. do everything you can to put a halt to it. My Avian said that Tiels should only lay maybe twice a year, 3 at the max.. and depending on the size of the bird, 2-4 eggs per clutch. She also said not to remove the eggs until they are no longer interested in them. Tiels will lay 1 egg about every 48 hours, then, once their clutch is done they might take up to a week to get a nesting urge. Then let them sit for about a month. She said that all Tiels are different, but this is ideal for them. You can also replace them with white marbles of the same size, then you don't have to worry about rotting or breakage in the next. If your bird is laying all the time, make sure she's got some kind of calcium supplement. If she depletes her supply, it can cause neurological problems as well. Maybe in time we'll get another female.. but not right now.

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    Re: [Breeding] My Tiel Won't Stop Laying Eggs!

    You can also try rearranging the cage and putting it in a different place. Birds will only nest in their "territory" and if you make it like a new home there is a chance she won't be nesty. Also, not as wide a variety of foods (you can cut down on some of the softer foods and give only a couple kinds of raw veggies instead). More frequent showers help, too. And lots of covered cage time, so it simulates winter (at least 12 hours, or more)/.

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