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Thread: Lutino Cockatiel's??

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    Question Lutino Cockatiel's??

    I have hopes of adding another 'tiel to the family in the future. (It probably won't be for at least six months to a year though) And have been looking at different mutations. I am very fond of Lutino's; but have read that they are prone to "night frights". What exactly is this (like what happens?) And is there a reason why Lutino's are prone to them? If anyone could tell me I'd really appreciate it!

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    Re: Lutino Cockatiel's??

    thats what I heard to. I have also wonderd why they were more prone to night frights. I know that they have bald spots on there head (some do) and some pieds have bald spots, so I wonder if pieds are also prone to night frights. hmmm
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    Re: Lutino Cockatiel's??

    it's the red eyes. Any of the mutations with red eyes tends to be prone to night frights. There is always exceptions, but that does tend to be the ay. Maybe they can' see so well in the dark as brown eyed ones....?

    Anyway, try a search on night frights Amanda, they come up VERY regulary!!! Basicly the bird gets a fright at night in their cage, and you get woken up to wild mad thrashing from them. Don't know what sets them off, sometimes we can't find anything! Usually it's ok and you just need to go calm them and they'll settle again and all is fine. If you have more than one bird one can set the whole lot going. You do have to go and check them. They thrash about so much they could do damage, the most common damage is a broken feather or two. When they're moulting, those feathers are full of blood. If it's a big wing or tail feather they are like a straw and often don't clot very well, and just syphon the blood out of the poor bird, so need to be plucked or clotted (with the help of flour/cornstarch/clotting agent) Birds also tend to be more prone to night frights when moulting (more uncomfertable or something?) which doesn't make it any better!!!

    Apart from afew individules night frights are generally few and far between. They happen with budgies too. I wouldn't worry about night frights preventing you from getting a Lutino! Any tiel can have them, and there are means to help prevent them.

    Good luck!!

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