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Thread: [Other] wings spread over head and/or flapping

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    [Other] wings spread over head and/or flapping

    a question that's been asked alot lately, so making it a FAQ. feel free to add any useful info!
    often a tiel will suddenly open up it's wing, and spread them wide above thier head. sometimes, that's all they do, they then just sit back and are normal again, and other tiems they hold on tight with their feet, and FLAP! often swinging about the place and/or hissing and/or mock biting things. can give you quite a fright if you've never seen it before, but it's normal! they do it for exercise, to get your attention, as a welcome, or just for the h*ll of it! very normal!


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    Re: [Other] wings spread over head and/or flapping

    There is a few reasons why they do it,
    Letting every one know that object is theirs,

    Most of the time when Mine do it, they've just came out of the nest box - I chalk this up to stretching, But when they do it when they just stepped up on the perch attached to the nest box on the outside of the box - then I chalk that one up to the "this is mine leave it alone"

    I also have some who do it on their swing - and out of no where , So I'm not sure if they're playing, stretching, or telling the other birds to stay away the swing is theirs.

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    Re: [Other] wings spread over head and/or flapping

    We call it "going flapsky". Mine will also hang half upside down with their wings spread out and flap like they're heading for the moon while firmly holding on to the perch with their feet. Then they'll either take off & do some laps around the living room, dining room through the kitchen & back to the living room or stop flapping as suddenly as they started.

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