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Thread: Feather loss???

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    Feather loss???

    My budgie Kiwi seems to be losing an unusual amount of feathers the last couple of days. I don't think she's moulting as I haven't noticed any pin feathers. I also don't think she's plucking them herself as she has no bald spots. I cleaned the bottom the the cage a couple of days ago, and when I cleaned it yesterday, there must have been a least 20-25 feathers including 5 wing feathers. I have noticed that when she stretches her left wing the feathers don't seem to fall back into place properly, a couple of them seem to stick out. She is constantly trying to adjust them and she won't let me touch her.

    Does this sound unusual?

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    Re: Feather loss???

    It's hard to say whether this is unusual or not. The fact that you don't see pinfeathers doesn't necessarily signal that she is not molting. You can usually only see pinfeathers on the head, and maybe the feathers on the head have not yet been molted, or were molted and re-grew before the rest of the feathers.

    As for the feathers not falling back into place properly, I think it's possible that this may be due to a molt, though I have never noticed this when my guys are molting.

    I do think that this warrants serious attention, because if this is not simply part of a molt, the feather loss could be a sign of disease, which would need immediate treatment. Sorry I can't offer anythign more definitive than that, but if you really don't think this is a molt, I'd go to an avian vet. If Kiwi hasn't had a checkup in a while, I'd suggest going regardless of whether you think this might be a molt. At least they could tell you for sure.
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