we are new to the forum and are looking forward to learning more about our avain family members. We have two lovebirds, Zoe, an 8-month old pied and Lovie, a peach-face lovebird, age unknown. Zoe is our rowdy fun loving comedienne and Lovie is our grumpy old man.

Zoe is a bundle of energy and fun. She belongs to my oldest son and is enthralled with him. She is very tame for him, but not so much with the rest of us. She clearly has eyes for him and will fly aournd the house to find him when she is out of her cage. A zipper pull can be 40 minutes worth of playtime and the Christmas tree is a world of (heavily supervised) fun. Even my not-thrilled-to be-living-in-a-house-of-pets husband has admitted she is a lot of fun to have around.

Lovie, is a therapy animal at my work, a day program for mentally retarded and developmentally disabled adults. We found him through a local animal rescue. He landed on a woman's arm while she was gardening and she took him to the rescue. They advertised for the owner and placed him with us when no one claimed him. He is gentle as a lamb and he has clearly been well trained. He loves being at work, where he is almost always out of the cage and nestled down on someone's shoulder. He backs off of your shoulder and tries to "miss" you when he poops. The consumers love having him there. he even accompanies some of them to their therapy sessions. One lady in particular, will "draw" on him to help her through her physical therapy, where she is much more cooperative when he is with her. It's really amazing to see the calming impact he has on them and how much he loves being there.

This is my question - he travels to work with me and spends the week there, and then comes home on the weekends. I have always popped his cage in the car and he seems to enjoy the trip. But now that the weather is turning cold, I worry about the impact of the weather on him and want to make sure I am transporting him as safely as possible, considering weather. When I leave him at home, he is so unhappy and let's us know. He misses the constant attention of the people he helps every day at work.

Thanks for your time - I look forward to getting to know you all better.