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Thread: ----For chicks dat dont make it out----

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    ----For chicks dat dont make it out----

    I found out why they die inside the egg well it's simple to stop and easy to do , first of all the room humadity has to be 80% from day 1 to 15, the last three days must get higher to 90% thats alot of steam in ur room, how to do it? easy just boil water about a metre away from cage and turn it off every hour for about 20 minutes..that will make the egg's shell very soft and easy to crack so the baby won't stragle to get out (thats the case why many don't make it out)....the very last minutes of his life in the egg he starts to beep (cry) cuz he's hungry no more yolk is left for him to suck up by that time the oxygen is lost and if imediate action is not taken then they will die and that's when the beeping sound stops , always be there for the baby to come out!!! if u don't want to loose them, in fact u must keep record of the day egg was laid so at the 18th day u will need to watch/listen for that beep sound and be ready to take off the bottom part of the shell if heard!. To make sure that its the right egg ur cracking u need to place it beside ur ear and hear tapping sound (that's the heart beat ).
    For me the first egg died as i said but i was there for the second one with lots of info and i was able to save it ...the third hatched around 1am by itself cuz the night after the first died i steamed my room and i'm surprised this one got lucky, im hoping the rest 3 hatch without any help but i'll be there to watch them carefully . Now u don't have to be wake all night if u kept a good record then it's so much easier like for example i even no the time my eggs were laid all around 4 pm so i no they must hatch right after the 18th day is passed , NOW i was gonna say this for example if u're sure that ur egg was laid at 4pm then the dead-line would be day18, 4am anywhere between 1 to 3am would be best to check for tapping sound n everything as i mentioned ^ before.
    anyways sorry if my english is bit poor i've only been in Canada for 5 years...good luck everyone please don't hesitate to argue or ask any questions cuz that's how we learn and btw i found so many of that info on populare books n websites i will have pictures and video clips of mt clutch on www.budgies.cjb.net im currently workin on it.

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    Re: ----For chicks dat dont make it out----

    There are many reasons why a chick doesn't hatch, humidity just being one of them. If the humidity is too high during the development then the chick will be too large and will not be able to move in the egg to chip it's way out, rather than boiling water it would be better to offer the parents a bath daily so they can wet their feathers and return to the nest to raise the humidity since they know when it's too high or too low. It's not the egg shell that needs to be soft, but the membrane within, if candled it will be the are gap at the large end of the egg, if this is too dry the chick can't pip it so won't be able to start it's external pip. Hatching can take 6 hours or more from the first pip so immediate action isn't needed, it's tiring for the small chick and they may have a rest part way through, the yolk is absorbed into their stomach so they can hatch but isn't fully used up so they still have plenty of food to last them a while, similarly the egg doesn't suddenly become air tight when they are ready to hatch so there is no chance of them running out of oxygen. The tapping sound inside the egg will most likely be the chick trying to chip it's way out rather than it's heart beat, even with the best hearing I'm sure you'd struggle to hear the heart beat.

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