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Thread: Tailfeathers Gold -- Benefits for paid subscribers

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    Tailfeathers Gold -- Benefits for paid subscribers

    Tailfeathers Gold
    Paid Subscribers benefits

    -Add attachments to your posts -- upload pictures or other files directly to your post and place them anywhere just like any other image without needing a host! We are your host.
    -Customise your profile design.
    -Store more private messages. Up to 300 (compared to 10 for regular users).
    -Have more pictures in your profile album. Up to 500 (compared to 100 for regular users). Pictures also have a higher quality than those of regular users (100kb instead of 80kb for each picture).
    -Upload a signature image directly to Tailfeathers, just like with avatars.
    -Request read confirmation with sent private messages.
    -Have a bigger avatar.
    -Have a personal photo in the profile (profile pictures), uploaded directly to us.
    -Option to be anonymous in Who's Online.
    -Send private messages to up to 50 people at once (compared to 5 for regular users).
    -Add events to the board calendar.
    -Ability to change your username.
    -Special title recognition under your username.

    Be sure to sign up today! In six-or-twelve-month subscriptions!
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