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Thread: an upgrade for coby!

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    an upgrade for coby!

    so we adopted our jenday from a rescue, and we bought the cage she wasfostered in to keep some familiarity when she came to live with us. itwas a fine powdercoated "california cage", but too small, in myopinion(20 x 20).

    well, she's been with us for about 9 months, and i wanted to give heran upgrade. but cages (the good ones anyway) are so darn expensive!

    i was surfing craigslist & found a great deal on a 30 x 24 cage.soi got it. (barely fit into my honda civic, as it doesn't dismantlefully!)

    we introduced coby to the cage after cleaning it outside. we perchedher on the top, and used language she would understand: "for YOU, coby.new peekaboo (peekaboo is a multi-purpose word, one meaning is hercage- as we cover her at night and she plays peekaboo then)!" and "loveyou, coby- for coby!" she seemed to get it right away. she startedexploring and expressed approval "ba-doo beep! yip yip!"

    i was a little worried about putting her in it last night (i alwaysfreak out waking up in strange places...), but she slept soundly andwoke up cheerful.

    this is the happy side of this story. for the sad side, go to the"otherbirds" forum & read the "oy what a day" thread to see what hapenedto kenya when we brought the cage in...sigh.
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    Re: an upgrade for coby!

    yhats great that coby liked her new cage. I am sorry about kenya though. hopefully she is ok now?
    yooper mom

    a happy baby is a suger high baby

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