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Thread: Unknown Bird?

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    Exclamation Unknown Bird?

    Friend of mine has found a bird which she describes as green with blue and red in its wings and tail. It says a few words and isnt a LARGE bird
    they have tried finding the owners for 3 or so months and might be looking at rehoming it. its hand tamed.
    now my first question is anyone know what kind of bird this sounds like? I thought along the conure line.
    and secondly , I have a hand raised Cockatiel and how would adopting this bird go.. i know the differences in personality count alot , we visited my uncle who has a i would say miniture green ring neck and altho they didnt sit together , the ring neck is extremely territorial , my cockatiel spent a good amount of time chirping questioningly at the bird, and taking her into a petshop to look at the birdies.. she gives soft clucking noises.. which she does with me when she is getting scratches..

    does this mean she would possibly accept another bird?

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    Re: Unknown Bird?

    There are so many birds that could fit that description, its impossible to tell without a picture to go by. Could be a conure.. but it could be something else.

    As for housing it with another bird.. there's no reason why it couldn't live in the same house (keep it in a seperate room from your other birds for 30 days minimum as a quarentine period.. this is a MUST! to protect your established birds from being contaminated from any unseen illnesses this bird may be harboring).. but DO NOT put this bird in the same cage with another bird. Only like species should share cages in the parrot world. There are VERY FEW exceptions to this rule. It must have its own cage.
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