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Thread: pricing for hand-fed tiels?

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    pricing for hand-fed tiels?

    I've seen prices from $90 to $140, and wonder what you owners consider a fair price?

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    Re: pricing for hand-fed tiels?

    I think it depends on the breeder, and the mutation. The breeder I recieved my normal grey male from, priced me 80$ Canadian, sold her Lutino's for 90$, her Whiteface Grey for $90, and her Albino's for 110.---while another breeder was selling his normal grey's for $100. and lutino's for 120$. The difference was, the breeder that priced his tiels more was b/c he was breeding for top quality tiels, to show.

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    Re: pricing for hand-fed tiels?

    From a Breeder 50-120 is normal depending on mutation.
    Pet shops 90-200 is normal.

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    Re; pricing for hand-fed tiels?

    The breeder I got my albino tiel from was pricing $50 for grey, cinamon, lutino, and $60 for the albino's. That is a lot less then the pet stores in my area charge.

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    Re: Re; pricing for hand-fed tiels?

    I got Sophie for $89 at a pet store...I've seen them for $130 though. Spending the extra $$ was DEFINITELY worth it for me though.

    Good luck!


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    Re: Re; pricing for hand-fed tiels?

    I got my whiteface male at a pet store for $60 and my whiteface cinnamon pearl hen for $65 at a flea market. Both were handfed. I was considering buying a whiteface pearl a while ago for $50. I've seen albinos (whiteface lutinos) for sale at pet stores for $120. I guess the most expensive I've seen hs been $120-150 for those albinos. I didn't buy any =p
    Normally I wouldn't recommend flea markets as most of the birds I see at them are being abused, this was an exception. Also they could say the bird is handfed when it isn't. The guy obviously loved his birds and treated them like his kids, we saw his booth there every month with sometimes the same birds every month.

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    Re: pricing for hand-fed tiels?

    I paid $139 for a YC Pearl, hand reared I think (it willingly steps up and down w/o intended biting and seems to like people company). Though I don't know why there are such variations in prices between stores/breeders.


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    Re: pricing for hand-fed tiels?

    When I adopted Woody, he was $50. A former show bird and breeder, so he's really good quality. Kama, a pet quality bird, was $80 for adopting her from a rescue service.

    The best prices I've seen are $35 for normal grays, $40-50 for lutinos and up from there for any other mutation.

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    Re: pricing for hand-fed tiels?

    woa your birds are expensive!! In Aust. pet shops are most expensive selling hand-fed tiels for like over $100 but from a proper breeder their only like $50 (remembering exchange rate that would make it over $50 for a PET SHOP bird and $25 from a good breeder).

    I got mine from a reputable breeder, Wendy was $65 ($32.50US) and Jimmeh was $45 ($22.50US) and hes an albino male!

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    Baileys person

    Re: pricing for hand-fed tiels?

    My Bailey was $65 at a bird fair, and she's a pet quality handfed cinnamon pied. And she was worth every penny of it. She's one of the best socialised baby birds I've ever handled.

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