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Thread: wants my attention constantly and hates being in its cage.

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    wants my attention constantly and hates being in its cage.

    the only time my teil seems to be happy is when its sitting on my shoulder getting scratches and kisses.
    if he is on his playground then he sits there for a second then when i walk away he starts calling and if i dont come over he jumps down and goes serching for me or anyone.

    he even sits next to the glass sliding door where my dog is on the other side just for company.

    i've found that the only thing that seems to help a little is sitting him infrot of the window where he can see himself in the tinted window, that seems to comfort him a little but after about 15 minutes he will look for us.

    you cannot eat or drink near him coz he comes over to see what it is your eating or drinking and then wants some, (i just find that really cute, not much of a bother to me

    but getting in his cage is by far the worst!
    he gets in there and wont stop going nuts! he runns side to side calling then jumps on the bars and does the leghnth of the cage.

    whats wrong.

    can you help me solve this prob. without me getting another bird?



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    Take it he was hand fed as a baby just a guess.

    I think you could try playing with a toy with with him it may take a while but may learn to love the toy as much as you.
    i heard that Once hes in his cage and starst sqauking leave the room and ignore him to make him know that squaking is useless.
    thats all i can think of

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    Re: ....

    thankyou your a great help
    i'm sure it will work.

    and ya i think he was hand fed, you should have seem the way the owner treated him, it was like they were mother and son .hehe i'm pretty sure she would have hand fed him.

    thanx again for your ideas


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    Re: ....

    Perhaps you could get one of those bird snuggly things...they look real cute and might keep him company when he is in his cage, unless of course it starts to become a problem where he wants to be IN the cage more than he wants to be out of it...same with a mirror or fake bird etc

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    Re: ....

    I certainly understand what you're talking about. I have a female that is real attached to me. So I thought if I got another bird she would get away from me some. WRONG!!!

    Soooo, I got a baby and hand fed him and he is so spoiled. He wants me with him all the time and gets so jealous when the female is on me. He constantly tries to run her away from me. When I leave the room he squawks till he see's I'm not coming to get him then he comes to find me. I can not sit down anywhere with out him coming and getting on me. If I put them in the cage they just squawk and squawk till I take them out. I don't know how to wean him away from me a little.

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