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Thread: Francis and his obsession

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    Francis and his obsession

    Hmm, ever since I let out Francis onto the floor of my living room, he immedietly sauntered (ya...saunteered....slick lil' birdie) over to the mirror covered entertainment center and started walking back and forth looking at himself.

    This afternoon, he just chirped on and on (chirped not ear piercing screetching) b/c he wanted to be let out. I read that I should wait until he quieted down to go near him or else I'd spoil him.

    Is this chirping a byproduct of his Narcissus tendency? ping

    I was planning on giving him a buddy when I bought him, but had to wait since everyone else of his buddies was sold/on hold. Maybe that will help, no?inging

    Right now he's pretty cool. On my shoulder, looking at the screen going "What are you doing? Yea, I know you're talking about me...Just wait till I poop on your shoulder..."

    No, yea he's ok right now

    Whoa, psycho birdy.......he just used his right leg to scratch his head.....that is just so puppylike....


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    Walking in front of a mirror maybe a dance thing for the "other tiel".

    Not letting him out when he asks is good, now u r in charge.

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