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Thread: egg binding

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    egg binding

    What is egg binding? When do females usually start laying? How many do they lay, and how often? I'm terrified of Gracie one day becoming egg bound, but for now she's very young so i assume i won't have to worry about it.

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    i think females start laying eggs around 18 months?? i don't know.. lol. i read in a book that cockatiels lay aroudn 3-8 eggs.

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    Re: egg binding

    egg binding is when the egg is stuck and the bird can't lay it. This usually needs to be treated surgically immediately, because if the egg ends up breaking inside the bird it is usually fatal. Eggbinding is usually caused by the bird being too young, or a calcium defficiency. I've also heard that eggbinding occurs more if the birds are breeding in winter outside of the "regular" summer breeding season.

    Signs of eggbinding:
    the bird will sit with legs wide apart on the perch, or in more severe cases on the floor of the cage, panting and straining. They will usually refuse food as well. At this point, if there is no bleeding, you can try putting her in a warm humid place (like the bathroom with the shower running) and adding a small ammount of waterbased lubricant around the vent, sometimes this is enough to make the egg pass. If no egg after about 15 minutes, get her to the vet as soon as possible as surgury will most likely be needed.

    Preventing eggbinding:
    Sometimes it just happens, but most of the time good maintanance can prevent it. Make sure your bird gets plenty of calcium in her daily diet, and cut back on spinach, as it inhibits calcium absorbtion. If your bird has layed a clutch of eggs, let her sit on them, but also cut back on the light she recieves every day and change the perches and toys around in the cage - this should help to discourage her from laying another clutch after she is finished with the first.

    Most females start laying around 18 months old, some start as late as 4 years old, although they can technically lay at 6 months, and if provided with enough breeding stimulation (a mate, a nestbox and lots of light) they will try to lay eggs at that age.

    They lay about 5 to 8 eggs (usually) every second day, then they sit on them for about 30 days. After the eggs don't hatch, most hens will start laying another lot, and then another, and then another. Because laying eggs takes a lot of calcium from the hen, they should not be allowed to lay more than 2 or max of 3 clutches a year, prefferably spaced out to give the birdie health time to recover.

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