We just brought home a new budgie, Phoebe, a few hours ago.
Our nine month old budgie, Zoe, is acting relatively lukewarm
to the new bird, and while not unfriendly or hostile, tending to
keep some distance. They are both believed by the pet store
(a very respected store in SF) to be female. The approx 7-10wk
old Phoebe seems pretty easy going, and doesn't mind and can
sit close or away from Zoe with no problem. She was particularly
gregarious in the store. We realize it is too soon to make
any predictions about where all of this is going.

Perhaps because Phoebe is so young, she seems to be adapting
very quickly on the first day, compared to how I recall Zoe and
our dearly departed bird, Violet did. It is Violet's perch Pheobe
is filling particularly to keep Zoe company.

Zoe was a very good friend to Violet and vice versa. It has been
three weeks since Zoe has seen Violet, who died after a tragic
illness and seeing two vets. Zoe and Violet became friends within
the first few minutes of meeting, becoming very cuddly and
affectionate soon after. This preening affair continued for a month,
until the last couple weeks of Violet's life, when at times
Zoe started getting more covetous of her own space when in her
favorite places, such as a swing hanging in the window in front of
a bird feeder outside.

Toward the end, Zoe would occassionaly put her foot up on Violet
(who objected loudly), and sometimes would hang beneath the swing
and gently nibble at Violet's feet (which Violet also objected to loudly).
This occurred only when they shared the window Swing. And still there
were times that they would kiss and cuddle as sweetly and intimately.

I hope that Zoe and the new bird, Phoebe will become friends. It is
hard to know if Zoe still remembers Violet, or why she is more aloof
on the first day. Has anyone seen this behavior before or have any
ideas about it?