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Thread: Need help w/ my male cocktiel

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    Need help w/ my male cocktiel

    My male cockie is really agressive towards people.I don't know much about their background.Except they were owned by a nice old lady who had an amazon parrot,and two parakeets besides the cockies.She had them in a fairly big cage,sorta like a flight cage.In the back porch where they had enough sunlight exposure and protection from the rain.they hardly got any human interactive,except enough to know one song,and that whistle I don't know whats it called,but when a the cartoon wolf sees a pretty lady walking by,he does that certain whistle.This is the first time where they get new toys every month.they had one toy in their cage,for like a year.I let them out of their cage,they seem to like that.The female has no problems what so ever with me petting her her putting her on my shoulder,actually she would climb on unexpectly.No biting problems except a little nibble now and there.The male does not like no interaction,I tried by hardess,gave him space,everything food,treats.And he would still have a hard grip of your finger (one time I even bleeded),I don't scream or nothing I really try to hold it in.I've tried nothing to scared him,except when he made my finger bleed I shook him off,which might be tramatic but wasn't a big deal.I know some birds would take your fear as an advantage,so I show him no fear,but I still don't know what I am doing wrong?

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    Re: Need help w/ my male cocktiel

    That is called the wolf whistle

    How long have you been working with them?
    Since the female allows you to handle her, it may help to take herout of sight, then try working with the male. It may also help to hide the cage from his site (if you can get him out of it). This is smelly, but try dipping your finger/hand in vinegar...then let him bit it. That usually deters them from really taking out a chunk! Does him seem scared, or do you think it could be a dominance related issue?

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    Re: Need help w/ my male cocktiel

    Ok thanks I will use the advice you've gave me.i've been working with him since I believe Sept. 13th.I'm not sure,but its's probably dominance issues because I would whistle to him while he's in the cage and he wouldn't show any signs of fear.thanks alot!Do you recommand for me to use gloves?Those bites are pretty painful,I still have a scar from last week.

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    Re: Need help w/ my male cocktiel

    Gloves can often do more harm than good. They are usually big and scary so it will make the bird even more afraid of you. I know it hurts when they bite, especially when they are really afraid, but best often is to endure it.

    My male, Flamie, used to have this thing with hands... he would want to destroy them and would hiss and throw a fit everytime my hand would approach him. Turns out the pet shop he was in didn't have much experience with birds and the guy who took him out of the cage to get his wings clipped and such would trash his hand around the cage, thus making the bird extremely afraid of hands.

    So the first weeks I had Flamie at home, he would tear out huge chunks of my hands. With a lot of work and patience he finally came around, but it did take time.

    Take things slow, to show the bird that you aren't there to hurt him, but to be his friend and he'll come around (though he might bever like to be pet and handled).

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    Re: Need help w/ my male cocktiel

    That's so sad to hear what that guy did to Flamie. It make me so angry when the people taking care of the birdies in the pet store do that. Poor Flamie, but I'm glad he's progressing.

    I had the same problem with my male tiel Ike. When I got him he was about 3 or 4 yrs old. He was so difficult to tame. It took me about a year to get him fingered tamed. Everyday I would put my hand near him so he could get use to it. He would start flapping around and going crazy every time I did that. But, I didn't give up, each day I would do the same thing enduring the pain of his bites. Eventually he saw that I wasn't pulling my hand back when he bit it. And one day outta of the blue he got on my hand without any comotion

    And Taffy is right about the patience and time. It's really is frustrating to see your bird going crazy, but it's worth it in the end. My tiel, Ike doesn't like to be petted, but for a 3 or 4 yr old bird he has proved that it is possible to tame an older bird, which the pet store owner declared impossible

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