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Thread: is my tiel scared of finger??? lol

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    isiah 43 1

    is my tiel scared of finger??? lol

    strange question, wonder if anyone's come across something similar....

    i have 2 tiels... one of which LOVES me and loves to play, and one is and has always been scared of me... i've treated them equally, and i dunno what's the other one's problem...

    anyway... the one that loves me wants to play all the time. she loves playing and hanging out with me... what's awfully strange is that she stands on my finger OUTSIDE the cage... but if i try to introduce my hand inside the cage, we got issues! i put a stick in the cage, she gets on teh stick, then once she's outside the cage she'll go on my finger with no problem.

    what's even worse than that is that if i try to put my finger in the cage from between the bars so i can pet her, she tries to bite me!!! yet if i put my face closer to the cage, she'll play with my glasses and she's cool... try to put my finger anywhere near the cage, and she'll try to bite it! she gets very scared of it!!!

    do y'all know what's wrong??? lol did i do something wrong?

    and the first one gets all bored if the female spends a lot of time with me outside her cage, yet i leave the cage door open in case he decides to join us, but instead he keeps calling for her without joining... he's scared of me inside or outside of the cage lol

    please let me know what you all think... thanks! =)


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    MouseHouse Hormonal Housemouse's Avatar
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    Re: is my tiel scared of finger??? lol

    It sounds to me like she is protecting her "home". Just be patient and don't force the issue. They may just need some time to adjust. How long have you had them?

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    isiah 43 1

    Re: is my tiel scared of finger??? lol

    thanks for the reply...

    i've had them for maybe 6 months now... but why would she be protecting her home from my hand but not my face? lol

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    bird owner

    Re: is my tiel scared of finger??? lol

    It's possible that before you got the bird(s), their former owners would always do something to the bird when she was in the cage such as hit it. I had a male and female togeather that acted like that once. One (the male) always stayed in the cage unless I caught him and brought him out. He was always really tame until we got the female though. The other (the female) always loved to be held, and was never scared of my hand in or out of the cage. Hope this helps!

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    cockatiel afraid of finger? lol

    I think your cockatiel is just protecting her home. 2 Talk to her softly when you approach her cage, and if you do that, hopefully things will change

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