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Thread: 2nd day home

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    Re: 2nd day home

    New surroundings, new faces, new sounds you'd be a bit grumpy too Just give it time to settle in properly and get used to things.

    You may not see it eat or drink, but can you see any husks from the seeds on the cage floor or in the food container?

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    2nd day home

    i bought a tiel 2 days ago and hes not eating or drinking...he was very friendly at the store and now that i have him home he bites plus does alot of hissing at me when i stick my hand in the cage? little help here please what should i do to help feel more at home... thxs

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    My Gandalf didn't eat a lot right after we bought him, but we hung some millet in his cage and he nibbled on that until he got used to his new surroundings. It's a stressful event to change homes, so it'll probably be a few days before he eats like he should! Don't lose heart!

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    Re: 2nd day home

    The answers here would be my advice too, but the only thing else I would ask is are you feeding him the same kind of food it was on before you brought him home?

    He'll come around, but in the mean time, good luck!

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    Re: 2nd day home

    At first it can be hard to "catch" them eating or drinking... but if there is poop...they are eating

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