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Thread: Compatibility with African Greys

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    Compatibility with African Greys

    My girlfriend and myself are looking at getting ourselves an African Grey parrot.

    Before we can get one we've got to move because where we are is far too noisy and I understand they need a quiet place to sleep without disturbances.

    Do African Greys and cockatiels get along? Well, are they likely to get along or is this a mix that'll not turn out ok?

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    Re: Compatibility with African Greys

    I have a cockatiel and a timneh African grey. They get along perfectly well -- from a distance. ^_^

    Obviously, they can't share cages and stuff. I've had Pokey the grey for about nine months (and I got Ebo the cockatiel first), and only now are they able to kind of sort of share a little bit of certain territories. ^_^ Like, Pokey will tolerate Ebo sitting on her play gym, as long as he's on a lower branch. But even then, I absolutely never leave them out alone in such close proximity. They each have their own cages and their own play gyms and have 0 physical contact with each other.

    Chances are your cockatiel will be scared of a big bird like a grey and will do what it can to keep its distance. My cockatiel, of course, has no common sense and sometimes purposely seeks out the grey. ^_^ Either way, distance is a good thing.

    But my birds do seem to enjoy each other's company from a distance. Pokey, of course, has learned to imitate all of Ebo's calls (much to my annoyance ^_^), and they often have "conversations" with each other. Pokey will even "talk about" Ebo -- if Ebo jumps onto her play gym or starts saying stuff, Pokey will say "Ebo. Hi Ebo." And stuff like that. (Btw, both of my birds talk. ^^)

    But I'm glad that I had Ebo before getting Pokey, because Pokey has learned a lot about being a bird from Ebo. She often follows his lead. If she sees that he isn't scared of a new object or experience, she'll be more willing to try it, too. They like to preen at the same time, and they always seem to get puffy at the same time! So yeah, they do like each other. From a distance. ^_^ The closest I let them sit is, like, ifI have one bird on each knee (which happens a lot), but only if I'm sitting in an "un-ladylike" fashion. ^_^ But yeah, you get the idea.

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