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Thread: Fabric Fanatic

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    Fabric Fanatic


    'ello Everyone,

    My 2 yr old cockatiel Falcor is a fabric junkie. He does not like skin. When I first got him he would respond to "up up" "step up" he would let me take him out of the cage with my bare hands and was gentle. Now, he hisses and tries to bite. Falcor will sing to, snuggle with, and respond only to fabric. He has never been abused, threatened or taunted by anyone, that would make him do this. If you offer him your shoulder, he will climb on your shirt. If he is out of his cage he clings to socks. He loves a gloved hand. If you have a sweatshirt near him he will hop onto it. You can lower the sleeve of the sweatshirt over him and he will stand tall, climb inside and sing to his heart is content.

    He has been going through changes. For most of his 2 years he has lived in a single college dorm room. He loves people and loved living on campus. He was given tons of attention and he loved that I was in the room most of the time. He is now trying to get used to being home, but it's been about a month now and I think he should be adjusted by now. He's a snuggle baby and he used to snuggle me often. Now if he's near me he will nibble me and scream at me. I tell myself he is molting and he is adjusting and this is why he doesn't like me. But he won't let any hand or finger or skin touch him, not just mine. The only exception to the rule is my 15 yr old cousin. He will hop onto his finger and perch on his hand.

    I want my sweet chitterbaby to be happy and comfortable with me again. Does anyone have any advice? Is fabric the only way to his heart?

    ~Falcor's Faery

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    Re: Fabric Fanatic

    Pleas don't double post. As you can see your first one was not removed, it is right here.

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