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Thread: Tiel Now Hates Baths

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    Re: Tiel Now Hates Baths

    How long has it been since he's let you spray him? Is he moulting? Maybe the last time you sprayed him you got him a little too wet? Just suggestions..

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    Tiel Now Hates Baths

    My tiel use to like being sprayed. He would spread his wings and he seemed to really enjoy it. But lately he hasn't wanted it. I try to spray him and he runs away. I have also tried a little dish of water a few times but he won't go near it. I was just wondering if you guys had any suggestions or some different things I could try with him.

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    Re: Tiel Now Hates Baths

    try putting him in the shower and letting him control how wet he gets. That is what I do with Ozzy. He liked being sprayed at first but he loves the shower now, cuz he is in control of how wet he gets...

    Faith and Ozzy

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