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Thread: How sweet, but so sad....

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    How sweet, but so sad....

    I was watching the news just now (5:15pm) and they were interviewing kids (at a library I think...maybe a day care center) and asking them their feelings about this giant wildfire thats threatning several homes, and there was this girl that they interviewed...maybe 7 yeras old and she said....

    "I'm very worried becuase I have a bird at home, and it can die very easily"
    I feel so sorry for both of them! And that a 7 (about) year old knows that birds can die very easily if exposed to alot smoke. (some people said they tasted and smelled smoke in their home when they first woke up this morning.) I feel so bad. I hope her and her parents get home soon, so they can take the bird with them when they evacuate!
    Where I live (about 45 miles from this fire, I think) we don't have much of a chance of a wildfire. But I'm going to go put together an "emergency" kit tonight, just incase it ever happens, and set up an extra transport cage, and stuff like the for all of the animals. Better to be safe than sorry.
    Here is a link to information about the wildfire, if anyone is interested http://kpho.com/Global/story.asp?S=3508267&nav=23KtbKtQ
    (I'd give you the url of the news channel that the girl was on, but you have to have an account there to access it.
    Too bad )
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    Re: How sweet, but so sad....

    AHHH! Thats horrible! Poor little girl poor little bird

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