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Thread: What am i doing wrong???

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    What am i doing wrong???

    Hello, i decided to start breeding cockatiels last spring as i had done loads of reading up and already owned a pet pair, an di was also told they were a very easy species to breed. I built an aviary (12 square feet plus inside enclosure)in the corner of my garden and bought my breeding birds, 4 pairs in total. 1 pair bought as proven, both 2001 ringed, and 2 pairs from my friend who i know are approx 3 years old. I am positive they are all opposite sex pairs and they mated and courted all last summer, and so far this summer but i haven`t had a single baby. The perches are well varied in width etc so there are stable places for mating to take place. They all use the boxes, lay and sit infertile eggs for the full 3 weeks. I`ve also had a few fertile eggs but they never hatched and when i opened them after 4 weeks they were just stinking rotten eggs. All of my birds are in good health and on a good diet with supplements, but i`m so downhearted with all the infertile eggs, i feel like i just want to give up. Please, any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Re: What am i doing wrong???


    I don't really know what could be the problem, nor do I know how to help, but I hate seeing an unanswered psot like this!!

    It sounds like you've done all the research and got a great set up! The fact they layed and sat means you must be doing *something* right!

    Maybe there there is something up with the birds if they had infertile eggs, have they all been checked out by an avain vet?

    And the fertile ones that didn't hatch, maybe they got chilled or something, I don't really know all the possible reasons about DIS stuff though...

    Sometimes it doesn't work though, and maybe you had a bad season. I wouldn't give up, and I'd do lots more research and stuff to see what could be the problem so you're prepared for this season!

    Hopefulyl someone else can help more......


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