First: my friend asked me if I had any idea where she might get another cockatiel. I don't think she wants to breed babies; I think she just wants a companion for the one she has. Don't know how long she has had the first one. The location is smack-dab between Pittsburgh and Youngstown in the northern panhandle of West Virginia. I know she is an excellent caretaker of all animals but don;t know the extent of her specific knowledge of cockatiels. What I am trying to find is a way to locate breeders close by and I'm putting my feelers out for her with all my connections. I have not visited Tailfeathers Bird Community in so long!

Which brings me to the news of the passing of Squeaks, who was 23 years old and passed away the evening of June 30th, 2018. I was fortunate to have been awake on the couch after 11 p.m. to hear her fall from her perch. I collected her off the bottom of her cage and held her until her final involuntary spasms. I am ever so grateful to have had her companionship for 23 years and to have been there for her very last moments.

She grew on my boyfriend too (who had to take her along with me as a package deal). So after 1 day of empty house we went to the local pet store and snatched some budgies from potential oblivion. Chicklet is a pale blue and Shrugs is standard green. They are pretty wild but we got them a huge flight cage and encourage their curiosity. Chicklet is the bolder and has a variety of vocalizations; Shrugs is timid but territorial. He's more afraid of us but when we address him, he fluffs up his chest and shrugs a 'hello', so I think they are settling in OK.
I'm going to post a photo of Squeaks in the Rainbow Bridge section.