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Thread: Biting Macaw

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    Question Biting Macaw

    My boss has a Macaw. He is totally in love with her husband... they are inseperable.... The problem is when they both go on a trip my husband and i take care of him and he does fine. Upon their return he gets very he gets very upset with her and will go out of his way to bite her.... Is he so attached to her husband that he is jelous of her or could it be a mating thing.....She is concerned as the biting is getting worse....Sometimes he is loving to her and other times he bites....Is there anything she can do to stop this behavior or is her only option avoiding him..

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    Re: Biting Macaw

    it could be a rivalry- esp if the bird percieves as she is taking her mate away. the husband must be involved in this process- he must show the bird he is unhappy when the bird bites and happy when the bird is nice to the wife.

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