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Thread: Donations of bird toys & accessories needed...

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    hmmm. . . . Teenager Cruzade's Avatar
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    Donations of bird toys & accessories needed...

    (sorry if this is not the right place to post this - I thought it would get the most views here.)

    I found this message on another site and e-mailed the woman (her name is Lynn) to ask how I could help, that e-mail is below this one:

    > The Parrot Toy Angels (our sister group) are
    > accepting donations of
    > bird toys, bird food, bird supplies of any kind
    > (bowls, etc) and
    > monetary donations to aid the bird victims of
    > Hurricane Katrina.
    > If you would like to donate anything that could help
    > the birds in
    > need, please contact us at
    > parrottoyangels@netscape.net..
    > I'm sure everyone has at least 1 toy their bird is
    > terrified
    > of......now would be a good chance to give the toy a
    > new home!!! Or
    > perhaps you have unused parts laying around and
    > could whip up a few
    > toys? Anything would be deeply appreciated at this
    > point!
    > Please, won't you open your hearts to help? It's
    > really the least we
    > can do.
    > If anyone lives near the Baton Rouge, LA area and
    > could volunteer
    > their time to help someone who's fostering over 60
    > birds at this
    > point, please let us know.
    > Thanks!
    > Lynn

    here's what she said to my e-mail (I asked if she needed toys aimed at lovebirds/cockatiels/budgies):

    YES, definately we can use your toys. Any size at all is greatly appreciated. She's taken in over 100 birds of all sizes at this point.
    She's also in bad need of cages, food bowls and Poop Off!! (I can imagine she does need a couple cases of Poop Off with all these birds flying around her house!! :-)

    Where are you located?
    Can you take some pics of the toys? If not, don't worry about it.
    I'll get back in touch with you
    Thank you SO much!!!

    As you can see, it appears this rescue is desperate for anything. I'm going to head up to my pet store today or tomorrow to pick up some cheap food bowls and send those along with the toys. Can anyone else help out?? Even if it's a small donation I am sure it will be appreciated.

    Her e-mail address is: parrottoyangels@netscape.net

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    Re: Donations of bird toys & accessories needed...

    I am going to send over Food, and Toys.

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    Re: Donations of bird toys & accessories needed...

    I would LOVE to help! It is such a shame shipping is so fricken expensize(plus im in Canada) I constantly send things out to African orphanages and get deals sometimes so I'll see what I can do! But no matter what, ill send some toys(handmade) and some other things my birds don't use. I have a bird cage I can send but because of size shipping will be far over my budget

    I just e-mailed her to get somemore details.

    Thanks for sharing!

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