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Thread: Stubborn bird!

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    Red face Stubborn bird!

    Frankie is so stubborn! We are feeding him what he was eating in the store where we got him (KayTee Fusion Pellets/Seed mix for cockatiels), but we are trying to get him to switch to RoudyBush. We have been mixing the Roudybush with his old food, but he picks out the seeds and will eat them first. Then if there are no seeds, he eats the pellets from his old food. And if there is none of his old food, he will scream at us until we feed him.

    Any suggestions to help? I know that KayTee stuff isnt very good for him, and I really want him to eat Roudybush but he is so stubborn!

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    Re: Stubborn bird!

    Try to let him forage for it. Or feed it to him from your hands. Pretend to eat it and show him how GOOD it tastes.

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