I was at work on Wednesday...and this guy came in, asking all about ferrets. Apparently their neighbor had two, and their son (about 8 years old) has been researching them like MAD for the past 6 months. I talked to the guy about 45 minuted about ferrets, and even though he never had them he really seemed to know his stuff.

I told him about mine, and my situation, and he asked if him and his kids could come meet them Saturday night. I said yes, and he came over last night and played with my wseasels for about two hours. He was so interested and his kids were SO good with them, I just had to. I told him that he could have them, as long as he promised to keep in touch and let me come over all the time. He said of course.

So I helped him to his truck with all of their stuff, kissed Kira goodbye and gave John a big hug. His wife said thank you so much, that they were perfect and his family would be so happy with them. She told me not to cry and I ran inside really fast before I lost it. I went into my room and started bawling. They went to the best family in the world, I could never ask for better people, but I still cried, missing them even though they were only gone for a minute.

This morning I woke up, and looked into the bitterly empty corner or my room, and started crying again. I already got an email from John, saying they were doing great and he loved them, but I still feel so empty.

My dad hugged me and told me how good I did, and every inch of me wanted to hit him in the face for doing this. How dare he sit there and comfort me when he was the reason for all of this? I had to bite my tounge and i have scabs on the back of my hands where my fingernails dig in.

I can't believe they are already gone. No more crazy jumping around, no more ferret tag games, no more cuddling up in my lap or licking my ears. When I wake up I have no one to jump on the side of the cage and greet me with pleading eyes that are begging to be let out. Who knew life without ferrets would change so much? My day seems so drab now. I have been hugging and kissing every other animal I have, spilling tears over their fur and feathers, hoping and praying the same thing won't have to happen with them.

Sorry my post is so long, but everyone here is the only ones who can understand. Only someone who has lost a ferret or other critter can know how empty it makes you feel. Thank you for taking the time to read this.