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Thread: Avian vet links/Important phone numbers

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    Avian vet links/Important phone numbers

    Hey guys...I know I've been posting this EVERYWHERE, but I thought I'd put this out in the open in this forum so new people coming in with bird problems can use it as a quick reference. I've also posted this in the links section, so moderators, if you wanted to move it, just go ahead and delete this post.
    What I found especially useful about one of these sites (the toolady one) is that it provides references. Again, I know that this is my fourth or fifth time posting these links, and I apologize, but it's difficult to find the right vet for your bird, and I just wanted to help out on the search!

    How to find an avian vet near you:








    ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center (USA) 24-hour emergency phone number:
    (thanks to ratty41 and car00000 for providing the number)
    (Vets are available to help 24-hours a day, but you are charged a fee for the call)

    Read the excellent article written by Duddles called "Planning for Veterinary Emergencies".
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