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Thread: Signature Rules

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    Signature Rules

    No adult, racist, mean, rude, etc. images or text will be allowed in signatures. Links to websites containing such content are also prohibited. All rules of etiquette that apply to posting on Tailfeathers Network also apply to custom signatures.

    The entire custom signature should fit into a box that is 630 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall. Within that box, members may use images, text, and links. However, members should limit their use of large font sizes or excessive amounts of text that may detract from the content of a post.

    Any images used in a signature should be small. The size of an image cannot be bigger than 300 pixels wide or 200 pixels tall, though if it is really short it may be a bit wider. Members have two other size options to choose from: *instead of* a 300x200 image, a user might opt to include a 400x150 image, or a 500x120 image. Members cannot have a 300x200 image *in addition to* a 400x150 image, nor can they have a 400x200 image, etc. Members are free to use images that are smaller than the maximum sizes stated above; as long as the images fit within one of these three maximum sizes, it is fine.

    Regardless of which maximum size is chosen, the combined size of all images used in a signature must fall within that maximum. In other words, you may have one 300x200 image OR two 300x100 images. It is not permitted to have two 300x200 images. Please refer to the visual examples below.

    Animated images are allowed. However, members should have no more than two separate animated image files in their signature.

    The combined file size for all images in a signature, animated or otherwise, should not exceed 100KB. If you are unsure about the size of your image, right-click on your image and select "Properties." The following screen will tell you the image's dimensions (in pixels), as well as the file size (in KB).

    If you have a custom signature that violates these rules, please redo it. Keep in mind that you can take your signature off specific posts by unchecking "Show your signature" under "Additional Options" when posting.

    Moderators retain the right to remove or change any signature that fails to meet these guidelines. At their own discretion, moderators are also allowed to ask a member to change their signature if they feel it is too large or otherwise inappropriate, even if the signature is not explicitly against these written rules.


    Signature Examples:

    The blue box represents any images used, while the grey box represents the size of the entire custom signature. In the examples below, the images are centered in the signature, but they do not have to be. The examples below include the maximum image sizes allowed, but members are free to use smaller images instead.

    Keep in mind that members may choose between a 300x200, 400x150, or 500x120 maximum size for their images, but it is not permitted to use a combination of more than one (for example, a 300x200 image AND a 500x120 image). Only one may be chosen.

    Example 1

    Example 2

    Example 3

    When in doubt, take a look at the signatures used by Tailfeathers Network moderators for examples.

    Pho (PhoenixK) uses a 300x200 image in her signature.

    Carol (WolfRyder) uses a 400x150 image in her signature.

    Grace (Pootspete) uses a 500x120 image in her signature.

    Nikkie (Oh Mowsie) uses two animated images in her signature.

    This is Nikkie's first animated image. It is 76KB.

    This is Nikkie's second animated image. It is 4 KB.

    This means that Nikkie's total signature is 80KB.


    It is very important for all members to check their signatures to make sure they fit these guidelines, and if not, try to get them changed as soon as possible.

    Members will have two weeks from today (January 24) to fix signatures.

    If you have any questions about the new policy and how to fix your signatures (or if they are ok or not), please feel free contact any moderator and we will gladly assist you.

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