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Thread: Possible broken wing.. HELP

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    Possible broken wing.. HELP

    New to this board and I am completly new when it comes to cockatiels but my husband has had one before we had a birdy accident yesterday our bird fell off the couch and ontop of our dog well the turned around and snapped at the bird she wasn't really moving much yesterday but moving around a lot more today but one of her wings looks kinda funny and not sure how to tell if it is broke or not and if it is what do we do to fix it? Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks

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    Re: Possible broken wing.. HELP

    Since most businesses are open tomorrow, call around and try to find an avain vet- a vet who specializes in birds. If you already have a vet who you like and trust for your bird, go there, obviously . They will be able to x-ray and set the break, if it is broken.

    For now, I would keep her warm and quiet. I'd cover the cage, take the perches out (her balance may be compermised if it is broken..wouldn't want her falling), and put a heating pad under 1/2 the cage. That way, she can move away from the heat if necessary.

    Good luck, please let us know how everything turns out.

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    Possible broken wing

    well her balance is fine she is moving around ok it just looks like the feathers are crooked, she is also moulting too so I didn't know if that may be why her feathers look crooked? but her whistle is really quiet not loud like it normally is I figure this is due to the stress.

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    Re: Possible broken wing

    Any changes to vocalization can be a cause to go to the vet. She may have been bitten or otherwise injured by the dog bite, so you should go see or at least call an avian vet just to be safe. Here is a link that has a bunch of helpful links if you don't already have an avian vet:


    Dog saliva can be harmful to birds, so I would definitely get that checked out. Please keep us posted, and good luck!


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