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Thread: Regurgitation

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    Question Regurgitation

    Lately, Loki has started regurgitating. Now, I am not worried (or should I be??) but I want to know if this is a mate thing. I don't want to encourage mate type behaviours but she is only 10months old and this seemed early for mate type behaviours.

    Any other reasons she is regurgitating? She is not spitting in up on anything; so not mass quantities here. Just occasionaly if I look at her, she starts making the motions and then swallows it back. Yummmm...

    See videos of Loki and the boys here!

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    Re: Regurgitation

    The only problem with your bird regurgitating is if she is becoming thinner because of it. I have a lovebird, Zuzu, who has been regurgitating her food since she was about a year old... however, she personally does not seem to use it as a mating ritual, but as a maternal ritual. She has three toys that she's extremely attached to (we call them her babies) and she feeds and protects them daily as she would with real offspring. I wouldn't worry about your bird... just watch her weight!

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