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Thread: Sudden, multiple deaths.

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    Re: Sudden, multiple deaths.

    Kelly, the tattoo is fantastic and a lovely tribute to Quinn. I hope you are mending.

    Danielle, just a comment - it does seem so odd that they can't trace what may have caused the deaths, but I will say it's true in human autopsies as well. I have probably watched too much CSI and think, why can't they find it? But my dad (who is a coroner) has mentioned that in some cases of suspicious deaths, without knowing what the poison was, it is impossible to test for it because of the way it metabolizes in the body.

    Kelly, I mention this because I know how frustrating it must be for you and I wanted you to know that they sometimes can't find conclusive results for people, either.
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    Re: Sudden, multiple deaths.

    Oh, Kelly, how terrible that they could not find out!

    Yes, I have to agree that - even though it would be horrible to know - you HAVE to find out if it was your brother. If so, he needs help urgently.

    It is absolutely true that people who commit serous crimes later in life, started off with hurting small animals. He HAS to get help, if it was him. Please. Things could get much much worse for him (and all of you) if he carries on.

    I hope it was not your brother, though.

    Please let us know if you know anything more.
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