This may be a long story, but here goes...Well just a while ago, I took tweety into a small room (bathroom). She never came out of her cage before and I thought it wouldve been a nice treat for her. Her wings are not clipped and I seriously need to look into this. I opened up her cage door and placed a mirror infront of it, very quickly tweety came out and began playing with the mirror and hopped out her cage. I believe I made a mistake when I tried to turn on the faucet (for her to splash in) b/c it gives a squeaky sound. Tweety then flew up into the ceiling which is quite high and I felt so bad b/c I could see that she was trying to grip onto something. I almost ran online to ask for help!- But I stayed calm. I thought I knew what I was doing. Tweety flew around 3 times and ended up on the floor. I sang to her and tried to help her up and she just flew away again. At this point I was so scared she would eventually hurt herself--then she perched ontop the shower curtian rail. She goes up on my hand lots of times when I say "up". When I told her "up" she walked along the shower pole, but never went ontop my finger. At one point she just looked at it. My next step was probably foolish, but I gently held her (she pecked me gently a bit, but didnt make a sound) and placed her back in her cage. I placed my hand back in the cage to tell her up, and she came on my finger. But looking at her wings- it looked as if she had them up a bit (as if she wants to fly again). She pecked on her feet as well which is something I never saw her do, and I am praying she isnt hurt. **Okay I just checked back on her and she seems fine. Any advice anyone on having your budgies out of their cage? Where do you all take them and can you walk around the house with them?