Hi everyone,

Today (from approximately 7:30 am mountain time to 4 pm mountain time -- GMT -7), the board's forums were inaccessable and posting was not working due to a glitch. Somehow, our database got corrupted.

Unfortunately, the two posts that got through this morning when the glitch was beginning to happen went through blank, with no content, and so they had to be deleted. Here they are:
Prayers for Baxter Greenfeets by Justin Stonewall
it's cold out there!/cold snap by cockatielnewtome

Please feel free to repost your threads. We apologize for this problem.

We do not know how this problem ocurred; it most likely was just a random, and unlucky, glitch. However, rest assured that no information has been compromised and nothing else other than these two posts listed above were lost. This was the first time this has happened and we will work to make sure it is the only time.

Everything appears to be fixed and working at this point. We will, however, monitor the board closely these next few hours to make sure it all keeps going smoothly.

We apologize to everyone for the inconvenience this may have caused you today. Please feel free to send me a private message or email me at staff@tailfeathersnetwork.com if you experience any other problems or if you have any questions or concerns.