Hi everyone,

I just wanted to remind you all that we have a word censor for a reason. We have plenty of younger people on the board, and not swearing simply helps us to look better and be more professional. Swearing also has the potential to insult some members, and we want to make this a community a good one for all bird lovers -- people of all types.

Avoiding the censor by separating a word, putting something in it, skipping a letter, etc. isn't allowed. It pretty much is swearing -- everyone knows what one is saying when doing this -- and it is obvious that one is purposely trying to avoid our censor on the board, which is on par to breaking a rule as swearing is not allowed.

Sometimes it is appropriate, such as in a discussion about something related to it in Deep Thinking, but in most posts, please avoid doing this. While it's not something we will warn people or ban people over (unless it gets extremely out of hand), please avoid trying to get over our censor and respect our rules and other members. It is not hard to choose other words -- there are plenty out there that work just as well for what you are trying to say.

With writing this, we don't have any single person in mind. This is just a general reminder to everyone.