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Thread: Now Over: Scheduled Temporary Board Closure Tonight!

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    Now Over: Scheduled Temporary Board Closure Tonight!

    UPDATE: We are now back! Thank you to everyone for all your patience, especially considering our downtime took a few more extra hours than originally planned. Once again, we greatly apologize for the inconvenience this may caused you all. Despite the extra delay, the move seems to have gone well, so we should see no further problems; of course, we will monitor the network to make sure everything is working properly.

    We're glad to be back!

    Hi everyone,

    Our host has notified us that monitoring software reported that the hard drive on our server is failing today. This may well have been the reason for yesterday's glitch.

    In response to this, our host will be moving us to another server overnight tonight.

    Because of the move, the message board will be closed and inaccesible from approximately 11:30 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST) Saturday until 08:30 AM MST Sunday (GMT -7).

    However, our network website (articles) will be working for almost all of this. The network will down temporarily for approximately 30 minutes beginning at 1 AM MST (GMT-7), but other than that and some other possible sporadic downtimes, the network website will be available for viewing.

    Some select equivalents:

    The board will be closed and inaccessable...
    08:30 PM Saturday until 05:30 AM Sunday: GMT -10.
    09:30 PM Saturday until 06:30 AM Sunday: GMT -9.
    10:30 PM Saturday until 07:30 AM Sunday: Pacific (GMT -8 ).
    11:30 PM Saturday until 08:30 AM Sunday: Mountain (GMT -7).
    12:30 AM Sunday until 09:30 AM Sunday: Central (GMT -6).
    01:30 AM Sunday until 10:30 AM Sunday: Eastern (GMT -5).
    03:30 Sunday until 12:30 Sunday: GMT -3.
    06:30 Sunday until 15:30 Sunday: GMT.
    07:30 Sunday until 16:30 Sunday: GMT +1.
    08:30 Sunday until 17:30 Sunday: GMT +2.
    14:30 Sunday until 23:30 Sunday: GMT +8.
    15:30 Sunday until 00:00 Monday: GMT +9.
    16:00 Sunday until 00:30 Monday: GMT +9:30.
    16:30 Sunday until 01:00 Monday: GMT +10.
    18:30 Sunday until 03:00 Monday: GMT +12.

    (The 30-minute approximate downtime of the network website will happen an hour and a half into the start of the board closure.)

    We expect there to be no problems or complications with tonight's move. We will, however, attempt to let everyone know if something comes up. This message will be on the front of the board during the whole move tonight (but for that 30-minute total downtime, when not even this message on the board will be available), and it will be updated if anything comes up.

    Thank you to everyone for your cooperation, and I once again apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you during the hours we will be offline.
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