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Thread: Sick bird??

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    Sick bird??


    I'm new here but I'm really worried about my coacktiel Hedwig. A couple of months ago she coughed up a small lump of thick blood. It hasn't happened since. Yesterday when we were out I hung her up outside with the other birds (seperate cage) and when we got back the cage was covered in blood. Some of it looks very much like the blood she coughed up, but we're not sure it's hers because there's nothing on her beak this time. Is there any illness in cockatiels that can cause them to cough up/vomit blood? What can I do to treat her as we have no vet here (North Cyprus) that deals with birds..


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    Re: Sick bird??

    The bird needs to go to the vet ASAP. coughing up blood is a sign of internal bleeding and is not normal. If you can't find a board certified avian vet, please find a bird specialist. Take that bird and any other bird you suspect of coughing up that bit of blood to the vet. She/they is/are very sick, and I'm surprised Hedwig has lasted this long without any more problems. With the new blood, check all the birds that have blood on them. It could just be a broken blood feather...but even if it is that, you need to make sure it has stopped bleeding. Please keep us posted!

    Edit: I just realized that I didn't really answer your question. If it is internal bleeding, there is not much you can do for her. I'm not sure what causes it except injury, but while you look for a vet, keep her warm, comfortable, and just give her plenty of TLC. When you do call the vets, make sure you ask the office about how many birds they see a month. This should give you a good idea of how knowledgable the vet is.

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