We all know that sometimes, differing opinions on issues such as quarantine, wing clipping, and breeding can result in arguments. However, we have noticed a bad trend recently that when some people ask a question in one of these or other similarly-heated areas, some members have replied with either directly rude comments, a snide comment, something unnecessary, or just something not polite that simply wasn't needed (and all this often without addressing the person's original question).

While at Tailfeathers we have no problem with having members disagreeing and debating with each other, rudeness and all the other things listed above do not fall under debating. A lot of comments have not been directly rude but just not very nice or polite; we have been somewhat lenient with this sort of impoliteness recently, but after this reminder we still start getting stricter.

If you want to mention that you disagree with what the person is doing, that is fine; we want to encourage showing all sides of an issue as this just increases knowledge regarding all the options and what is best. However, please do this politely and have consideration.

Rude or semi-rude comments from now on will result in a warning for the member doing it, so please -- regardless of the issue, stay polite. We don't want to have an environment at Tailfeathers where people feel scared to ask questions -- that is the worst, as then knowledge won't be shared. This is not what we want Tailfeathers to be, and we aren't going to allow Tailfeathers to become one of those sorts of boards.

Just a final note that this does not apply to a huge majority of you; most of you do, in fact, always stay polite. However, we just figured that a general public reminder would be the best way to do this for now.

Thank you for reading!