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Thread: inactive budgie chick?

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    Question inactive budgie chick?

    Hi everyone! After owning my budgie pair for two years, they've decided to have a family and now I have two chicks! They are almost 3 weeks old. The older one stands up and walks--pretty fast!-- wanders around and grooms himself with his beak or tries to scratch his head with his foot and stumbles; it's so cute

    However it's the younger one I'm worried about. Despite hatching one day later, it is hardly active! It sticks to its corner and doesn't move, doesn't groom himself, and does not stand up. If I hold it in my hand, it lies flat. If put on any flat surface, it will lie flat out. I worried that it might have splayed legs, what with its older sibling usually lying against/on him, but the legs are usually in their normal positions, tucked right under. It just won't raise its head!

    By when should I look for upright/walking movement? It is being fed and otherwise in fine shape (lovely looking striped wing pattern!). Also how old should the budgie chicks be for their first vet trip?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: inactive budgie chick?

    With the inactivity, and possible splaying of the legs, I would suggest to take that chick into the avian vets ASAP. I would not wait. They are so fragile at that age and waiting even one day can make a difference in their outcome.
    Please let us know how the little one is doing and what the vet has to say.

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    Re: inactive budgie chick?

    What material do/did you use in the box?

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