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Thread: Need A Homemade Handfeeding Formula Urgently!

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    Need A Homemade Handfeeding Formula Urgently!

    My cockatiels were negleting their young and I removed them to be handfed. I have been doing so since they were about 4 days old and now they are about 20 days old and I just realized that I had run out of Handfeedin formula. I live a long distance away from a petshop or a petco or petsmart. I am really afraid that my birds don't make it and would apreciate if anyone could tell me how to make a handfeeding formula. There is a grocery store near by so buying items there will be no problem. Please help!

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    Re: Need A Homemade Handfeeding Formula Urgently!

    well, have someone pick some HF formula meant for birds on the way home from work, and in the meantime, try a soy based (not dairy based) baby formula. if you have pellets, you can grind them to a powder. or soak monkey biscuits if you have those.

    or brown rice, cooked, then pureed with other nutritious ingredients like greens, carrots, etc.

    or, put them back in with the parents & see if they will do their job...

    anything healthy you give to adults is given to chicks, just liquified and fortified with immunoboosters. i highly recommend letting the parents feed whenever they are willing, as crop milk has nutrients formula cannot give (just like breast milk).

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