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Thread: Pulling Downy Feathers?

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    Pulling Downy Feathers?

    Hi. I've got a question. Sammy is about 8 weeks old. I got him couple of weeks ago. Well he was really loving at first and still is but not as much. And he goes through these little fits, I'm not sure if he is just playing or what, but his crest will go up and perks his head up and he acts like something is getting him? Has anyone else's bird done that? Well then I talk to him and he calms down and goes back hopping around and chirping and being playful. Well I took him to the vet a few days ago for his first physical arty and the vet said he was in perfect health. After that he starting acting like ....i don't know like something was biting him so he would start preening like crazy and this has been going on since. Well today I took him out of his cage for play time and he started that again. But this time he pulled some little white (I think) downy feathers out and I pulled them from his beak and they were all powdery and stuff. Is this normal? Should I take him back to the vet or at least call ? I want to but I wanted to ask you guys first just in case it was normal. Thank you!!!

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    Re: Pulling Downy Feathers?

    *grin* Hello Amber!! Congrats on your new bird!! I want to also say I'm happy to hear you took your birdie to a vet...he sounds adorable. (The bird that is And in perfect health.

    A tiel's crest acts similiarly to that of a dog's ears. They go "up" when the cockatiel is interested, and alert. Especially since your tiel is new to your home, there are a lot of sights and sounds that will be catching his attention, even scaring him. But don't worry, it's very normal.

    Birds preen a lot. It's their way of keeping clean. I know what you are talking about, sometimes my cockatiel will jerk around quickly and nibble at an area or two in his back. It could be an itch or two, but once again very normal.

    As well, the downy feathers are very normal. In fact, once your cockatiel is a few months older, he/she will start to lose a lot more feathers during his moult.
    But your bird sounds very happy and healthy!! If you do have any concerns, (and it sounds like you are carefully monitoring your bird, which is wonderful!) don't hesitate to call your vet and ask.

    Keep us posted

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    Re: Pulling Downy Feathers?

    Congradulations on your new bird Amber! He sounds like a cutie!


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