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Thread: Recommended reading?

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    Recommended reading?

    Can anyone list off some books on cockatiel or indeed any other birdy care books that they highly recommend. Compiling a list for a website.

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    Re: Recommended reading?

    many species specific books are not very good. most of the books i recoomend go cross species. only rarely do i find one that is species-specific that is worth anything.

    the BEST general care book (covering diet, caging, socizlization, first aid, and more:
    birds for dummies by brian speer

    the BEST parrot-type bird behavior books:

    sally blanchard:
    companion parrot handbook (the principles of nurturing guidance, behavioral life stages)
    the beak book (all about the beak, biting)

    mattie sue athan:
    guide to a well behaved parrot (behavior basics, tips)
    second hand parrot (good for adfopters and people getting a baby, actually)

    barbara heidenreich:
    good bird! (positive reinforcement
    parrot problem solver (takes specific issues: screaming, biting, fearful, aggression, feather picking, and gives tips)

    robin deutsch:
    the click that does the trick (BEST clicker training book for birds, hands, down)
    healthy bird cookbook (diet AND rrecipes)

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