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Thread: The wound is getting worse

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    The wound is getting worse

    Falgo isn't doing well at all. I looked at the wound and it's worse. It's now big and red. I put the anticeptic on it but it's not working. I will take him to another doc tomorrow. I hope he's ok...If you guys have any suggestion please let me know.

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    Re: The wound is getting worse

    Sorry that Falgo is not fairing too well now. You are doing the right thing by taking him to the vet tomorrow. My prayers will be with you and Falgo.

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    Re: The wound is getting worse

    Oh dear!...I'm very sorry to hear about Falgo...you are doing the right thing. Hope all goes well.
    Take care,

    Anna and TBird

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    Re: The wound is getting worse

    Your vet really doesn't sound very impressive.
    I suggest you give the avian vet (who's 4 hours away, right?) a call and ask about the antibiotics that the other vet gave you and see if they are even ok for your bird... I wouldn't trust a vet who gives you dog food to give to your bird...
    See if the avian vet could mail you some proper birdie antibiotics, if you can't get to his office...
    I hope Falgo gets better :/

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    sorry to hear, but suggestion

    um i have not seen your other post but i am guessing that your birdy has a cut. i suggest macuracomb and T.L.C the macuracomb works as lets say iodine or something along that path. it will heal him up very quickly.

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    Re: sorry to hear, but suggestion

    You still need to take the bird to an avian vet. Since this cut was caused by a dog (or cat? I don't remember which one from your other post). Cats and dogs carry bacteria that alone can kill a cockatiel (painful death, I tell you). So your bird NEEDS to be seen by a qualified avian vet and have complete blood tests and fecal smear done.

    Also a qualified vet will show you how to threat the infection with antibiotic SHOTS rather than oinment or in the water (if he suggest antibiotics in the water, he is not a qualified vet.) Shots is the most efficient way of threating an infection for you are sure that the bird gets the proper dose.

    If you do try to disinfect the wound yourself (which wouldn't make it ok for you not to seek PROPER medical help) at least make sure that what you are using isn't toxic. It is likely that your bird will try to preen that area and ingest some so you don't want anything toxic !

    Keep us posted about the developments.

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