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Thread: cockatiel poop

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    cockatiel poop

    another poop question My cockatiel (wendy) who is a 2 year old female does really runny poos! She still has the solid bits, and i checked the colour n stuff and their all swell, but theres also alot of watery stuff too, it looks just like water!

    She also likes to nibble on her poop once its dried, might that mean that shes lacking something and shes trying to get it back from her poop or something? (if you understood that :P)

    Other than this shes been in perfect health, except for her best buddy the budgie flying away... But soon i'm going to get her another tiel friend.

    Thanks in advance :b

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    Well there are lots of reasons you birds poos could be watery. I just has an experience like this myself. My bird was just stressed. We moved his cage to a warmer area and he just needed to adjust. Certain foods can do this also, foods high in water. However ,how is your bird behaviour? Watery droppings can also be a indicator of disease or other disorders. So i know this isnt much help, but look at what i have said so far and see if maybe something is stressing him or look at the foods you have been giving him. Also if he drinks a lot of water , that can do it too. But be on close watch and if none of these are the case then go to an avian vet asap. Hopefully someone else will be able to elaborate on this a bit more on here.
    Good luck!

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    Re: re

    well she does drink alot of water, i thought maybe there was a reason for this? My dad used to have a chicken farm and seeing as chickens are birds i asked him, he said it could be worms.

    This has been going on for as long as i can remember basically, her behaviour isn't any different, she dosent seem stressed, apart from the fact that she lost her buddy, shes just a little quiet at the moment.

    Her basic diet consists of good seed direct from the growers, and bits of fruit and veg thats in the fridge, and also her favourite, toast

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    Re: re

    If she eats lots of veggies, that causes runny poops.
    For about and hour afterwards, so do baths .

    Yes, eating the poop is a big sign she is missing vitamins, so have the avain vet check her out .

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