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Thread: When are they ready?

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    When are they ready?

    Hello everybody I would like to know when my female tiel would be ready to mate? She is very nice and very tame. Thank-you so much.

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    Re: When are they ready?

    firstly, being tame doesn't mean you need to breed her. Breeding is very stressful for a bird, and should not be attempted unless you have done a lot of research on breeding before starting.

    How old is this bird? Tiels have to be at least 2 years old for best results at breeding, and at the very least 18 months to breed without seriously endagering her health.

    Have you taken her to the vet? you should always take any birds that you are intending to breed to an experienced avian vet for a chackup before attempting breeding.

    Where did you get this biird? What about her mate? do you know their genetics? Pet store birds generally come from "bird mills" where birds are kept in nasty conditions and forced to breed until they die, or are "rejects" from breeders. If you got her from a pet store and don't know the genetic history, you should nopt breed her, no matter how tame and lovely she is.

    You also have to consider that many tiels, when allowed to bond and breed with another bird, become wild and untamed. Would you really want that to happen to your girl?

    please read the breeding section of www.budgies-n-tiels. com for more info.

    P.S. Please don't start a new thread on the board to ask a question you have already asked and that has been answered.

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