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Thread: Looking for conure breeders in scotland

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    Talking Looking for conure breeders in scotland


    i live in the angus area and i am looking for a conure breeder, if anyone could give me any infomation i would be most gratefull

    Me and Rico are getting on great and he is even going to my partner aswell now so before to much time has passed me and my partner have decided to get an other conure we would like a sun conure or another blue crowned like rico. But we are going to get a baby this time so it can get used to being handled and it will also be company for rico. any help would be great thank you
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    Re: Looking for conure breeders in scotland

    i see no one has answered yet. i am in the US, so am little good to you except pointing you in a few directions. we have some UK members, mainly in england, but they may know of scottish resources:

    birdmad girl (lee anne) and kalvin in particular may be of help. kalvin actually works in a large reputable pet store that takes excellent care of its birds. lee anne is an avian & exotic vet tech in london.

    also parrots magazine usually has classifieds in the back, which is a decent starting point when looking for UK breeders.

    good luck!

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