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Thread: male chasing female out of nesting box

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    male chasing female out of nesting box

    My normally sweet male cockatiel keeps on chasing his mate out of the nesting box. I am a beginner breeder and am wondering if this is normal behavior. The female seems eager to want to get in but he chases her out and he sits in there almost all day. I tried to take him out to see if he was sick or something but he attacked me! He's turned schitzo on me . They have been mating for about a week now and I'm hoping she wont lay her egg somewhere else less suitable. Can someone help me analyze his behavior?

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    Your bird is displaying typical behavior. The male is being aggressive towards you because he is protecting his nest. If your male is displaying aggressive behavior, this is not a good trait and could be passed down to the babies. It sounds as if he is being territorial. This may stop after a few days and they are done mating and she begins to lay eggs. If he continues this once she starts to lay, then I would separate them and would not breed these two again.

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