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Thread: My HEN is acting weird !!!!!

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    My HEN is acting weird !!!!!

    Hello, i've added a nesting box to the cage where Mimi and Bubby share and it's been there for about 4 weeks now. They were excited at first and investigated carefully every now and then but now theyre coming in and out the whole day.

    Im not sure if they have mated because i've been in the room when Bubby has tried mating with her. He starts singing and dancing from side to side and when he tries to put his leg on top of Mimi she's very hessitant and backs off....Now, these past few days Mimi has been making these very low noises..almost like if shes singing but its low and kinda cute..i'll say it sounds something like a turkey would do. They've been very active now and climbthe cages a lot, go back to their nest and pretty much do that the whole day now...

    I've noticed they're both getting very feisty and aggressive if i get too close to them which is rather unusual....BTW they arent the best of couple, tey fight every once in a while but i wouldnt call them a "mating couple" YET....

    ANny tips or suggestions? What is happening? is this behaviour normal????

    Thanks you !!

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    Re: My HEN is acting weird !!!!!

    It sounds like they're getting ready to breed, congratulations and good luck!

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    You think so ??..wow that is really something, they try to mate at least a couple of times a day but usually fails.

    if any of you have experiences on how they start their mating process please post...thank you !!!!!

    COCKATIELS ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: ...

    why wont my cockatiel mate ? there showing signs of ot bu thow long do i wait?

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    I guess you have to have patience, im having the same problem with my pair...They have everything set, they work together with the cage, preparing it, checking it out every morning and pretty much the whole day...when they start the "mating process" they preen but the female doesnt let it go that far.....

    PATIENCE :sick2

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    My Hen is acting weird

    My newest female grey is acting strange. she sits on the water dish often, which I heard can be them soaking their breast feathers to prepare egg laying, also she sits on the perch, head down and tail up in the air chirping like crazy. Both her and the male have been hanging upside down spreading their wings, which someone told me is a mating call too <shrug> My other male in another cage with another female is doing it too but that female doesnt do anything like that. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Pam in Ohio

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    Re: My Hen is acting weird

    head down and tail up, chirping, and usualy swaying too, is when the female wants to mate and when the male should be taking advantage of her! hehehe.
    Your birds may be mating, but just not doing it when you're looking!

    Often the male is just a horney little critter, and will try any chance he gets, but it is really up to the female, if she doesn't wat it, she won't let him! When she's in the mood, she'll do the head down tail up, sway and chirp thing, and (i've found) only THEN, will she let the male mount her....

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