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Thread: some thing new?

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    some thing new?

    this weekend i have seen that my 2 birds have bin in the nest box more offten but the female i was told was not ready to breed and i went to se what was going on and when i looked in the box the female fluffed up her feathers and moved side to side and the male just get up set and strikes at me what is going on

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    Hi higgins, well from my experience, when the female moves from side to side and hisses it means to stay away , but that is probably obvious to you......to answer your question they may be over protective of the nest..(as they would be in nature) and maybe are getting close to breed

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    Re: some thing new?

    Maybe ask a veterinarian if anything is wrong because if they aren’t ready to have eggs then something could be wrong...but don’t worry, because it won’t be that serious.

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    Re: some thing new?

    It sounds like they are being protective of the box. If you are not ready or don't want them to have babies I would take out the box. If you suspect they might be sick keep a close eye on the poos. They definitely change if they are sick.
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